Horses – my passion When we moved out of town Brežice into the village Sela my long time wish came true. My family had built a pleasant farmhouse and start to work with horse breeding. Father taught me how to take care for horses, he took me to the horse racing and horse blessings. For a really long time horses were my priority and all my free time was dedicated to them. For my 20 birthday my parents got me my first filly Hello Kitty and I was very proud of her. By the year 2012 we seriously worked with horses, but now we do it more for fun.


The gift Despite the great happiness that horses make me feel, I’ve always secretly wanted a dog. In 2011 I came with idea to buy my father a labrador as a birthday gift. We spent a lot of time talking about the space for dog. But in fact our biggest fear was father’s response of it. Everything went really mysteriously, we booked the dog in December and in February small brown scoop arrived in our home. We put a red ribbon on her and made a real living gift from her. From that moment she is a part of us and our life. The gift was perfect and my dad get a new friend called FIONA.


Fiona and Molly Fiona became a central part of the action, we went to school, passed an exam of primary school and exam A. She has grown into a real beauty that I wanted to show everyone. Soon I got the idea of having another dog and take things more seriously. February 2013 another dog came into our home called Molly. She was black playful scoop and she came as a gift for my girlfriend Maja. Maja took training of her and she successful passed exam of primary school. In Autumn 2013 we registered the kennel Pri Cet Labradors and we really look forward to the first puppies of Fiona.